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AFESP em entrevista no Congresso Mundial de Estradas 2010


AFESP – Portuguese Association for Signaling and Road Safety – is a nonprofit association that promotes the common interests of its own members, leaders in the road markings, vertical signalling and road safety barriers. Among our members there are also materials manufacturers.

AFESP encourages actions to maximize the road equipment and a road safety policy in the area of signaling, in order to contribute for road accidents´ reduction in Portugal, equating the country to the best in Europe and promotes the quality of signalization products, services and road safety and cooperates with public authorities in the development of technical documentation. Although, defends a road safety policy and give an important contributs to prevent and reduce accidents in Portugal helping to put the country among the best European countries in Europe. AFESP SAYS ROAD MUST BE A LIFE EXTENSION

AFESP promote activities to maximizing the development of the road safety equipment sector, works with public authorities in developing technical documentation for the sector, integrates the technical structure for Road Safety National Strategy, has an agreement with InIR to help evaluate the condition of nacional roads, make self regulation rules in the area of signaling and has permanently a training courses in signaling and Road Safety.


IRF World Meeting 2010

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